Industry Presentation on 9/28/18

Directed by LORIN LATARRO and starring Betsy Wolfe, Ben Fankhauser, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, and Lauren Zakrin.

with Jye Frasca, Matthew LaBanca, Heathcliff Saunders, Alex Gibson, Lindsay Roberts, and Kennedy Caughell


ALIVE! follows a handsome and thoughtful hero who suddenly realizes he is a zombie. This propels him on a comedic and mystical journey with a depressed anchorwoman, a quirky reporter, and a love infatuated cameraman, as he searches for his lost humanity, while being hunted by a pack of bloodthirsty, brainless zombies led by the ferocious and mysterious Big Z.

Next Steps

ALIVE! is looking for a theatre to do the regional premiere, while also raising funds to record a concept album.  If you'd like to donate, see bottom of page.

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If you'd like to donate to help move ALIVE! forward, simply click on this link. 

ALIVE! The Zombie Musical

New York, New York, United States

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