ALIVE! at NYMF this summer

ALIVE!  is thrilled to announce a concert on July 29th at 8pm at the Signature Theatre in NYC, starring; Amanda Jane Cooper, Zach Adkins, Nicholas Belton, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Blaine Krause, Chris Dwan, Alex Gibson, Mary Page Nance, Kennedy Caughell, and Daisy Hobbs.

Directed by David Ruttura and Music Direction by Taylor Peckham.

ALIVE! will be presented in association with NYMF. 


ALIVE! follows a unique zombie who takes a mystical journey to search for his lost humanity.  Along for the quest is a depressed anchorwoman, a quirky reporter, and a love-infatuated cameraman.  Singing fairies, dancing oracle's, a magical lake, and a pack of bloodthirsty, brainless zombies led by the ferocious and mysterious Big Z.  

Industry Presentation on 9/28/18

Directed by LORIN LATARRO and starring Betsy Wolfe, Ben Fankhauser, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, and Lauren Zakrin.

with Jye Frasca, Matthew LaBanca, Heathcliff Saunders, Alex Gibson, Lindsay Roberts, and Kennedy Caughell

Flesh and Blood clip

A preview of the opening number of the show featuring the spectacular Kennedy Caughell!! 

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ALIVE! The Zombie Musical

36 West 44th Street, Manhattan, New York, New York 10036, United States

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